The painting acrylic paint is based on water. However unlike watercolors, it is not easily cleaned and is not soluble. The biggest benefit of acrylic paint is that it dries quickly, so painting is achieved more quickly than with oil paints. Acrylics contain toxic components, so you must be careful to avoid accidentally lead paint your mouth or eyes (or other). Painting abstract art with acrylics can make the work endure in a similar way to oil, and gives the fabric colors brighter than watercolors.


  1. Draw the outline of the painting with a pencil. While abstract art is based on inner vision and does not follow the same forms as the classic or realistic style, sketching the structure of the image makes painting easier. This gives rise to lines and colors for the painting.
  2. Choose the colors. Acrylics come in a variety of pigments. Sometimes the perfect color for the project is not available, but when mixing the paints you get new colors. When necessary, choose a color close to the appropriate one and choose another color to mix which will create the desired color. For example, if the preferred color is a dark red and a basic red is the only color available, get a black paint to blend with it and form a dark red.
  3. Mix paint quickly. With acrylics it is important to work quickly, before the paint starts to dry, so mix as fast as possible and start painting immediately.
  4. Paint according to your inner vision. Abstract art is about expression, personal vision and creativity. It does not need to look real or even need to be able to identify a shape.

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