Paint a stone wall is a simple process, but it can also become a major project if the paint on the wall is cracked or cement wall has collapsed. The wall must be properly prepared before applying new paint. The process is the same for stone walls indoors and outdoors.


  1. Prepare surface by removing cracked paint, loosen cement and soil. Use a strong detergent such as TSP and a hard bristle brush to clean the surface. Walls found in exteriors can be deeply cleaned by removing cracked paint and old cement.
  2. Clean mold stone wall with a solution consisting of three parts of water warm and one part household bleach. To prevent stains and scratches, carve parts where mold is present and rinse with clean water before the solution has dried.
  3. Seal the cracks or places where the cement has cracked with fresh cement. Apply cement with a towel and remove the excess with a sponge or cloth.
  4. Apply the latex base to the wall with a 3/8 inch roller. The base prevents water and stains from draining from the top causing the paint to last longer.
  5. Use a 3/8 inch roller to paint the wall with outdoor latex paint (indoor if you work inside your home). If the surface needs more than one hand, let the paint dry. Use a small paint brush to apply paint to cracks or holes in the stone.

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