The sky is a part naturally from any picture and therefore is an image that many painters must learn to achieve. Fortunately, skies paint with oils of colors is not a very difficult task to learn while achieving all forms of heaven may be, it takes a long time. The most important elements are the techniques to handle the brushes; Rather than brushing the paint with smooth movements as you would when you paint a wall, you will need techniques to leave the canvas full of stains so that the colors flow naturally with each other.


Prepare your colors

  1. Separate the paintings and fill your paint palette with a little of each color.
  2. Prepare the canvas to paint if you do not have a canvas with basecoat. Mix some thinner diluted with a pinch of white in your primer brush to render your paint and you can use less of it. Scrub the brush on the canvas to brighten the entire surface. This moistens the canvas and helps the paint to blend and soften.
  3. Mix some touches of blue with the white of your palette. Paint in a corner of the canvas working toward the top of the canvas. Do not move the brush in long brush strokes. He tapped, twisted and twisted the brush. Leave empty spaces between the blue to emphasize the depth of the sky.
  4. Place your brush down and take another dry brush. Soften some of the edges of the sky with the dry brush, blending the blue color the white base of the canvas until the sky looks soft while avoiding uniformity.
  5. Mix a little red paint in the blue paint and make a white stain on your canvas to create a grayish lavender. Apply these colors wherever you want the sky to look darker.
  6. Leave the last brush you used and take a small fan brush. Pass it through white paint and apply it to the canvas over the blue to create the clouds. Soften the edges with the second brush you used to create faint clouds or leave the white clouds and give them form of spots to create a cloud cluster.

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