The leopard design creates a bold touch in a room decorated with muted colors. The leopard design will give an emphasis to a decorated room that is decorated with bright and bold colors intended to create a wild and carefree atmosphere. If you make the decision to decorate your room with this type of design, be careful, you may want to decorate only one wall or a section of it and then paint it whole in case you liked the result. Leopard print is evident and inescapable. It is best to do it slowly rather than doing all the work in one go.


  1. Paint the wall paint base. Proceed just as you would any wall you are thinking of painting. Cover the floor with a canvas, paint the open space in the center of the wall with a roller, then paint the outer edges of the wall with a brush. Apply the layers until they look uniform. Wait until the paint on the wall has dried before the next step.
  2. Paint the wall with base paint with a golden color, use the same methods to paint the wall as in Step 1.
  3. Draw a series of stains on the wall with a pencil. Keep in mind that the larger you paint the spots, the less you will need to cover the area you are painting. The smaller you paint the spots, the more points you will have to paint. These points should be distributed evenly so that each place has approximately the same distance from each other and the other spaces, which should be with some other margin of the same size. The space between the points should not be the same as the ones that have the points in themselves, but should be more or less than half their width.
  4. Fill the dots with a darker gold color. Use a smaller brush than the one you used to paint the golden wall, about half the size of the other brush. Allows the spaces to dry.
  5. Draw black dots with thick, irregular lines. The lines must be imperfect, thicker in others and thinner in different places. Use a medium-sized pointed brush.
  6. Let the leopard-patterned paint dry all night long.

Tips & Warnings

  • The spots must be oval, but with an organic shape that looks like beans, some more circular and others sharper. None of them will have a perfect geometric shape.
  • Uses common wall painting with gold background, and acrylic paint to form stains.
  • Uses a standard brush to paint rooms, paint roller brushes for background paint and drawing brushes for stains.
  • Practice the leopard design on a paper or canvas before doing it on your wall. Use the exact paint you are going to use on the wall to make sure you use colors that look good when mixed.

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