Treating the matter seriously: This is a burden that will follow you for the rest of your life if you are convicted, The DMV will have your record until you are dead, and you also have to revoke its license for two whole years, if you have three convictions in the course of his life, Additional automobile insurance charges could cost thousands of dollars on top of the fines. If the DMV revokes your license, you have to prepay for a SR-22 endorsement to your insurance plan. Your insurance company must notify the DMV if you do not keep your insurance. Also their rates are raised based on the severity of the conviction.

Do not hire a lawyer: The law is complex and you need competent representation. You must use the correct defenses at the right time or you will lose them; the facts disappear, memories fade and witnesses disappear. A winnable case can quickly transform a losing. What should you do? You need legal knowledge as soon as possible. You need a lawyer who knows how to handle his case.

Hiring a lawyer based on cost alone: The state has almost unlimited resources in relation to you. You need to hire a lawyer and pay a fee to allow him to spend time and effort in your case contradicts the prosecutor. The lawyers must earn enough money for the time they spend on your case to keep their doors open and earn a living wage. If you pay too little, your lawyer can not spend the time to protect him. Looking for a reasonable, reliable fee, as under no

Not getting a temporary license or request a DMV hearing within seven days, if your license was revoked when you failed or refused to take the alcohol test:  If you do not request a hearing, you may not drive until after a hearing or for 90 days to one year. During this time driving is a serious offense; even you need to drive for work or personal reasons.

Drive after his license was revoked: You have no right to drive after revocation and then driving is a more serious offense than the original charge. There is no provision for you to drive for work or personal reasons. After 30 days, you may qualify for a probationary license. If you are arrested for driving during this time, you may have to set bail of $ 10,000 for out of Cranel. If you are convicted, you can receive a minimum of 45 days in Cranel.

No request that the official (police) is present on your DMV hearing: If you do not ask for your presence, you have to subpoenaed or waive his presence. The hearing will only be based on the report of the officer and you will not hear as witness the official. If the official is present at the hearing, your attorney can learn a lot about you. If the officer may not appear or justify what really happened, your license can be returned.

Accepting the first offer tax: The first offer is not a business; he is only looking for the fastest way to finish your case, in very few cases are dismissed or reduced to a charge of no alcohol in this step, you do not give the judge an opportunity to rule on constitutional answer, You lose your right to raise these issues and make him the government to prove its case.

Not appear in court: The court will issue a authorization arrest (a warrant) for his arrest and revoke any chance of bail. The next time you stop for a traffic violation, you will spend some time in jail and set bail for future appointments in the court.

Talking to anyone about your case but a lawyer: Anything you say to them can be used against you, when you discuss his arrest with friends or family, you risk turning them into involuntary witness against you, it is in your best interest to remember the details of his arrest, it will help in its defense, In any criminal case, you must be represented by a competent defense counsel. You can choose an attorney or risk the consequences of representing himself. Afterhours immediately hire a lawyer of his summons; you will not miss appointments with the court or a hearing. Judges do not know if they need to protect their rights unless someone defend. For example, prosecutors overworked can use reports inexperienced police officers or sobrediciplianarios-to process a case. Defense attorneys are to realize these trends and are trained to handle such situations. If you ask the judge to let him be his own lawyer, he or she should allow for this in most cases. But do not do this. Throughout the DUI / DWAIs, get a lawyer quickly. You should meet immediately after the arrest if you can (you have within 7 calendar days after the arrest, if you lost your license).

Consider talking to several lawyers to conduct his case: You need a lawyer to go with you to court.

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