If you have been tried and convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or DUI (his name in English), you have the option to appeal the sentence. You appeal your sentence when you and your lawyer believe you have been wrongly convicted and sentenced. A DUI can be appealed to state or federal level. If you decide to appeal to the federal level, the court not only reopens the case, but will review the process by which your case was previously determined from a legal point of view. Discuss with your lawyer if you must appeal to your state’s legal system or under the federal system. This is determined based on a case by case basis. Once you have made ​​your decision, you can continue.


  1. Appeal your case to the state or federal courts as soon as you condemn. Your lawyer will take care of the documentation for your appeal with the courts and will let you know the date that the court fixes your appeal.
  2. Discuss the facts of your original trial with your attorney. Find and document any error affecting your judgment. This will be presented in court.
  3. Attend court. You can argue that there were errors in the legal system that affected the jury’s decision and your case. You can also argue that legal errors were made in your sentence. You will want to demonstrate that your case will be dismissed or that your case needs to be revised again.
  4. The judge will decide if your case will be reviewed or not or is dismissed. After hearing your case, you must wait your final decision.

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