If you have been subjected to a felony DUI arrest, you want an experienced lawyer and aggressive to protect their rights. The stakes change substantially when a DUI charge passes from a crime to a felony. You need a lawyer who knows the law and the process, you can anticipate the strategies and tactics of the police and prosecutor to be used to obtain a conviction.

Before setting up our practice, worked as a prosecutor in the State Attorney. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of how the state prepares and presents felony DUI cases. We can quickly and accurately examine the evidence against you and provide a realistic assessment of their likelihood of success defending the load.

Our defense practice felony DUI Maryland

We handle all matters related to felony DUI charges, preparing and submitting all necessary documents and acting as their advocate in all hearings or proceedings. the facts and circumstances of your case fully investigated, looking first to see if the police officers had probable cause to make the traffic stop. We also review police reports and interrogate witnesses to verify that they are properly informed of their rights before making any statement to the police.

Carefully examine the evidence to determine whether alcohol testing sobriety and blood were administered correctly. We analyze the history of official detention to determine whether he or she has a history of making excuses to get an arrest. If there is any violation of their constitutional rights, we will seek the exclusion of evidence or dismissal of charges, if applicable.

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